About Us

Company Bio / History

meat mania Meat Mania was started some 12 years ago in the humble back quarters of a bakery and with the assistance of highly trained staff and partner Karl, a master fleischmaster has grown from strength to strength while constantly growing in popularity and evolving into a now widely recognized and highly respected processed meat company.

Through a passion for food the demand for high quality processed meat, extensive knowledge and a legend in the industry, the late Kypros father in-law and grandfather to owners Chris and Marco respectively inspired them to create a meat processing plant which delivered a high quality product based on old family traditions and recipes.

Service and Quality

meat mania Meat Mania is a family run business that strives to provide the customer with only the best in service and quality. We value our customers and go to extremes to provide them with the finest products available.

Our passion for supplying the best is based on our strong family values to provide our clientele with the superior quality, personal friendly service and the use of the finest ingredients in our age-old traditional family recipes.

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