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Meat Mania opened it’s doors to the public in 1996 and has over the past 12 years grown into a family run business succeeded by three generations of passionate food lovers who strive to provide their clients with only the best in high quality processed meat products.

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Meat Mania’s head office and meat factory are both situated on the East Rand in Boksburg North, South Africa and manufactures processed meat products which are highly sought after by both retailers and members of the hospitality industry. Meat Mania is one of three family run businesses comprising of a meat factory, deli and supermarket.

From humble beginnings and a family’s vision, Meat Mania has grown from strength to strength and are today regarded as one of the most reputable processed meat company’s in the Southern hemisphere...

Meat Mania produce not only the best quality processed meats, but use finest in local and imported beef or pork produce in their vast product range. The ingredients used in every recipe are sourced from renowned meat producers from as far a field as Brazil, Argentina, Chilli and Australia. to go.

Meat Mania pride themselves in also supplying superior quality, smoked and processed meats within South Africa and neighbouring states. Through their Deli they also offer a selection of ready made meals as well as cold meats, meat platters, salads, cheeses and assorted breads.
meat mania
All products are made onsite and are produced to the highest standard. The facility is a state-of-the-art plant with the latest technology and equipment.

This allows meat mania great flexibility and variety in the products on offer and allows them the freedom of expression when creating their mouth -watering recipes. Meat Mania also delivers to a wide variety of clients and consumers across the board, from retail outlets to restaurants, hotels, delis and home consumers.

Meat Mania strives not only to provide you the customer with the best in high quality meat products and friendly service, we also offer value for your money. If you are looking for speciality meat or something a little out of the ordinary, meat mania is the place to go.

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